Yellowstone is an amazing place. The continental divide runs through it and the scenery varies from grasslands to mountain ranges with raging waterfalls along the way. It has a huge variety of animals and plants. Yellowstone is located on top of four volcanic calderas that cause hydrothermal features like geysers and fumaroles. There are frequent small earthquakes, although they usually can’t be felt.

As we headed north to Yellowstone, the weather changed a lot. We went from intense heat to a much cooler temperature. The first day we arrived the temperatures were in the 70s, but the second day a cold front moved in and the temperatures went way down. I was happy I had packed coats and boots because the park got three inches of snow. Although there was drought further south, Yellowstone’s rivers were full with spring runoff.

I took two pictures of the same waterfall on the day we arrived and the next day after it snowed:

2002 Yellowstone creek before snow 750

2002 Yellowstone creek after snow 750

More of the breathtaking scenery:

Yellowstone mountains color resized 1000

You can’t overstate how beautiful Yellowstone is:

2002 Yellowstone waterfall color 850

We tried staying at the Old Faithful Inn but that was a bad experience. The main part of the inn is beautiful but the rooms were plain, expensive and unbelievably noisy, more dormitories than anything else. Be sure to stop by the Inn to see it, but don’t even think of staying there.

After that bad first night we moved to one of the older rustic pioneer cabins that were heated and had bathrooms. We enjoyed that a lot. Neighbors were fun and very considerate about being quiet at night.

There was so much to see at Yellowstone! We spent five days there, and you know there are more photos to come.