As we headed north from Dinosaur National Monument on our long strange trip, the next stop was nearby Flaming Gorge Dam. The dam provides hydroelectric power and water storage. This area has beautiful views and is a popular recreation area. As you can see, in 2002 the Green River was very low due to drought:

2002 Flaming Gorge Dam 750

We had another hot day as we walked to this scenic overview, but we didn’t spend much time at the dam. It was just a quick but impressive scenery stop on our way to the Grand Tetons.

The Grand Tetons are spectacular, especially from a distance. They are snow-capped and majestic and simply awe-inspiring. However, I had a hard time getting photos that did justice to the glorious view. I like the photo below but actually being there is a very different, more profound experience:

2002 Grand Tetons mountains 750

I have very few sunsets in my western travel photos. This is because we rarely drove in the evenings and never drove at night. The reason is in the late afternoon photo below – there were so many cows, coyotes and other assorted critters in the middle of the road in daytime that we didn’t want to take a chance driving at low visibility when even more animals are active. And of course, western sunsets are usually not as colorful as east coast sunsets because there is not as much air pollution. Generally by sunset I was at a hotel or eating dinner.

2002 Cow in Road 750

We successfully avoided all road obstructions and made it safely to our next major stop, Yellowstone National Park.