Below are more photos from my visit to the Ephrata Cloister in July 2015.

I really love the first photo– it’s another view of the meetinghouse and sisters’ house. This time the buildings are in the background with a beautiful tree in front:

P1010829 Tree

I liked the look of these interior stairs built around a corner, but I’m glad I didn’t have to navigate them. I used Picasa’s posterize to turn the angles into an abstract black and white photo:

P1010803 Stairs Angled B&W

I love the symbolism in the picture below. The front portion shows the Cloister’s cemetery and in the back is a row of houses just across the street. The cluster of small figures on the right in front of the houses are a group of teenagers being naughty by setting off fireworks left over from July 4.

The contrast between the living and the dead couldn’t be stronger. To me it looks like the dead are watching the living in silent judgment:

P1010772 Cemetery

This beautiful stone wall runs along all sides of the cemetery:

P1010786 Cemeterey Wall 1

The loom and spinning wheel below are in the weaver’s house. Both men and women spun thread and sewed, but only men did the weaving:

P1010802 Loom