I always meant to go to the Ephrata Cloister when I lived in Lancaster County, but never actually got around to it until I returned on a family visit in July 2015.

I had a very relaxing day walking around the grounds taking photos. It was just what I needed after a long drive to PA from NC. The weather was cloudy and occasionally rainy, but I was able to use Picasa to adjust the contrast and sharpen the photos.

The Ephrata Cloister was a religious community founded in 1732. The residents devoted their lives to prayer, farming, household chores and a printing business. There were both celibate and married members of the community.

This picture shows the meetinghouse on the right and the connected sisters’ house for single women:

P1010754 Cloister facade

Below is the back view. I tried a black and white photo to emphasize the texture of the wood siding:

P1010762 b&w 1

The kitchen area attached to the meetinghouse:

P1010758 Cloister blue shutters 1

A close-up of an outbuilding:

P1010845 window vertical 2

The bake house, an important building since bread was a mainstay in their diets:P1010760 Bakery