P1010893 flower garden

This was another photo I snapped out the side window while zipping down Route 322 at 50 mph. There was more speed than skill involved, so I was pleased that the original photo at least came out clearly, below.

The scenery is a typical Lancaster County kitchen and flower garden. The corn in the back is probably sweet corn for the family or for sale, or it could be field corn grown for animals.

The horizontal composition and bright colors help pull all the elements together. It’s interesting how the photo that was snapped on a diagonal looks like it was taken straight on after it’s cropped. The tiny person on the left adds scale and interest to the shot.

This picture took a lot of editing. The composition wasn’t great and the colors weren’t very vivid because of the cloudy sky, but Picasa allowed easy adjustment. I used the usual contrast fixes plus film grain, saturation, Orton-ish and vignette.

P1010893 original 750