Lancaster County PA Route 322 1 800

While growing up in Lancaster County PA I had no opinion at all about the local farm scenery. It was just the background to my small world. However, now that I no longer live in Lancaster County, I have a new appreciation for the neat and attractive farms that line its rural roads. In other words, I’m a typical tourist.

On my last visit I took quick snapshots of farms out the side window while I was a passenger speeding down Route 322 between New Holland and Ephrata. I wasn’t just taking pictures, though, I was testing out my new Panasonic Lumix camera. I managed to take quite a few pictures and had fun cropping and adjusting them.

Turning the quick snapshot below into a finished photo turned out to be easy. I was able to highlight the swirling composition in the fields using these Picasa steps: straighten, crop, auto contrast, I’m feeling lucky, plus I heightened the fill light slightly and darkened the shadows. I added drop shadow twice and museum matte for an understated frame.

P1010941 original 750