Paris Versaille 800

The Palace of Versailles is every bit as over the top as you would expect. It has been restored as closely as possible to its original condition in 1789. The restoration was so elaborate and detailed that it is estimated to be even more expensive than the original construction of the Palace.

Currently Versailles is not just a museum, but also used for political functions and meetings involving heads of state.

I don’t remember how much of Versailles’s interior was open but I do recall walking through parts of it. I vividly remember going through the exquisite Hall of Mirrors. In the 1700s mirrors were a reflection of wealth (haha – reflection) and the architect managed to use 357 mirrors in the sumptuous room.

Paris Versaille war room 750

Versailles from the back garden:

Paris Versaille garden 800

Elaborate architecture, fountains, statues, walkways, formal shrubbery, natural areas, fake rustic villages, Versailles had it all:

Paris Versaille fountain 750

I made my own version of an Impressionist painting using Picasa’s comic book feature:

Paris Versaille trees 750

The Queen’s Hamlet, where Marie Antoinette relaxed from her queenly duties:

Paris Versaille village 750

I don’t care how much prestige living in Versailles would have brought me and how grand the buildings were, I would still rather live with everything that makes today’s life comfortable and enjoyable.