I still can hardly believe how much walking we did while visiting Paris. We easily walked five miles each day, and often more.

Parisian people were generally about as unfriendly as I had been led to believe, with some exceptions. One charming exception was an elderly man wearing a beret who was walking by just as we were about to explode into an argument because we were not only exhausted but lost. He asked us where we were going and pointed us in the right direction, all accompanied with smiles and kind words. True, it was in French so we barely understood it, but the tone was definitely kind. We calmed down and the rest of the day went better.

That exhaustion did teach us a lesson. After that occasion we started using the metro more so we wouldn’t get as tired and cranky. It definitely made a difference.

In Montmartre, we took the metro to the closest stop we could, but still had a long uphill walk to get to the basilica. It was worth the climb to see it up close.

Paris Montmartre 750

The photo below is Montmartre and Sacre Coeur taken from a bell tower in Notre Dame Cathedral. It really shows how Sacre Coeur is built on the highest hill in Paris.

Paris view of Montmartre 1000 1

We frequently walked by the Hotel De Ville, which is near Notre Dame Cathedral. This glorious façade houses an office building, although a very elegant one. It is the City Hall for Paris. The location has housed municipal offices since 1357.

Paris Hotel de Ville 750

I took this picture of a random street, below, because it was typical of the residential areas we walked through and because the setting sun lit up the buildings so beautifully. I couldn’t resist adding Picasa’s posterize, comic book and boost to make a more vibrant and abstract postcard.

Paris neighborhood 750 1