Our hotel was on the Left Bank just a few blocks away from Notre Dame Cathedral so we stopped there for a 15-20 minute rest and meditation at least once a day. The area was always crowded with tourists plus there was construction scaffolding, so I ended up buying postcards for a better view of the outside. I did get some good pictures inside.

Notre Dame Cathedral has three front entrances which are usually filled with people going in and out. This is a photo of the right side. I think the white areas on the stone were recently renovated sculptures.

Paris Notre Dame entry 750

The interior was awe-inspiring with huge columns and many large, beautiful stained glass windows. Even with so many windows the colored glass blocked a lot of light, leaving the interior shadowed and dim.

I did not want to be disruptive but I did try a few interior photos without using a flash. I didn’t use a tripod either, so I’m surprised that they came out at all.

I was pleasantly surprised that my pictures were so easy to enhance using Picasa, with most photos needing just some straightforward adjustments to contrast and color. I also added the Orton-ish effect to some of the photos to give them a softer and warmer look.

The photo below shows the candles that were constantly being lit while people said prayers. It was a really beautiful scene in the tranquil cathedral space.

Paris Notre Dame candles 1 750

Below is one of Notre Dame’s famous stained glass windows:

Paris Notre Dame window 750

And one of Notre Dame’s beautiful rose windows:

Paris Versaille chapel windows 800

We were able to climb the circular staircases all the way to the top of one of Notre Dame’s bell towers to see the incredible views of Paris. I wish I could still do that trek!

Paris Notre Dame roof 800

The photo below shows the Seine River from the bell tower and some of the 37 Parisian bridges that cross it.

Paris 3 pics 750