River Walk 1000 color

The Alamo is very close to the River Walk, which is a series of walkways that run along the San Antonio River. The walkway has a series of flat paths with frequent flights of steps up and down to get around obstacles. The River Walk is a fun tourist experience because it is lined with restaurants and shops.

We chose to do some walking on the River Walk, but there’s no need to go up and down all those steps on a hot day when you can take a leisurely boat ride instead. The boats went by frequently and were obviously popular since they were so crowded.

I was really happy with the way I was able to crop the original snapshot below and enhance its colors to make a tourist brochure-worthy photo. The Picasa steps were actually very simple: crop, tuning to brighten the photo, sharpen, Orton-ish and museum matte.

River Walk 750 original