The point of the Panama Relocation Tour was to get a sense of the different regions in Panama and the homes available. Woven throughout every day’s itinerary were visits to homes for rent or sale.

Of course these homes are ever-changing. We looked at many price ranges starting from about $160,000. I found that I did not like the heat in the lower elevations at all, so I would only consider moving into Boquete or higher elevations.

Jackie strongly recommends that you only rent in Panama since the rents are inexpensive and you don’t need to worry about repairs. Just moving to Panama is such a big step by itself that I completely agree, although many of the people on the tour were considering purchasing property.

One of the properties we saw was a gorgeous home rented by some expats outside of Boquete. It was one story, and the homeowners have planted extensive flower gardens since they plan to stay there long term. The rent was about $1050 per month. We were all very impressed with the beauty of the house.

Boquete rental outside

The interior was gorgeous too:

Boquete rental inside

We saw a condo for sale in Valle Escondido, the premiere gated community in Boquete. It was large and attractive, but well over $300,000 so not in my price range.

Boquete condo outside

It had a garage, and a finished upstairs and basement that both were beautifully decorated.

Boquete condo inside

We also got to see a cute two-bedroom home that had rented for $600 per month but was sold several years ago for $160,000, hidden in the mountains around Boquete. The higher you go, the cooler and less humid the climate. This home had a nice climate and a lovely view:

Jackie's house

The house wasn’t large but it was well-designed and cozy:

Jackie's LR

Once I got into my head that there is no snow or ice to worry about when you drive the winding roads up the mountainside, this was my favorite area to consider as a new home. After all, who wouldn’t love to come home to a view like this:

Boquete driveway

Many of the larger houses have small guest houses, and I think renting one of those guest houses would be perfect for me.

So after a 10 day trip, I feel like I got to know the country as well as possible and found where I would like to live. I haven’t decided yet whether I truly want to retire outside the US, whether to Panama or another country. I have decided I want to come back and visit again to get to know this beautiful country better.