All good things must end, and my time in Boquete was winding down. I had to leave for David at 5 pm to catch the plane to Panama City. I was to spend the night there, then catch my flight to Miami in the morning. But in the meantime I had the whole day to explore Boquete.

My first stop for the day was to take a taxi to “Mi Jardin es Su Jardin,” located up a hill just outside of town. It is actually a private garden graciously opened to the public by the Gonzalez family, who still live in the house.

I enjoyed my morning strolling through the tropical plants. The garden has both formal elements and winding paths tucked behind shrubbery. It also has a large koi pond and a tiny chapel. There were lots of colorful areas to photograph.

Jardin entrance

Jardin gazebo

Jardin fish

Jardin flowers

Jardin blooms

Jardin mountain

Of course I had to stop by the coffee shop and get some delicious coffee before walking back to town – iced coffee this time. Fantastic!

Jardin tables

Next, I still had some cash burning a hole in my pocket so I visited some of those Boquete craft shops. Panama uses US dollars, so you don’t have to worry about having to figure out any currency exchanges.

I had lunch, finished my last minute shopping, and enjoyed people watching in the town square. Finally I got ready to meet the shuttle for the 45 minute drive down to David and the airport.