Mountain road

We left for our last Panama Relocation Tour day trip from our home base of Boquete. This day’s tour was also to rural farm country, and included Volcan, Bambito and Cerro Punta. It was another beautiful drive.

Volcan is the highest point in Panama, at 11,460 feet. Volcan, Bambito and Cerro Punta are all farming areas.

This picture of fields going up the side of the volcano is one of my favorite photos. It captures the essence of that area, volcanic mountains with beautiful green crops climbing far up the slopes, a practical farming necessity.

If you look closely, you will realize just how steep the fields really are:

Mountain agriculture

We stopped by a famous horse farm called Haras Cerro Punt, where million dollar thoroughbred horses are raised. The high mountain elevation gives the horses increased lung capacity, which helps them win races:


Tours of the farm are offered but we didn’t have time for more than a quick stop at the side of the road to look at the horses:

Horses closeup 1

The area also had lots of peaceful cows in meadows along the side of the road:


Volcan and other mountain communities have a very pleasant climate, which gets cooler as you go higher. Volcan is generally in the 70s in the daytime and 60s at night in both the dry season and rainy season.