We started every lovely morning with an outdoor breakfast on the terrace at El Oasis Hotel in Boquete. The omelets were delicious and the coffee, fruit and fresh-squeezed juices were amazing.

Oasis breakfast

Our first stop for the day was Tuesday market, a few doors down from the Oasis. We all had fun looking over the local goods and handicrafts for sale. The handmade jewelry was gorgeous and included pieces made from metal, stone and macramé. There was also coffee by the pound, some touristy paintings, and intricate mola style textiles made by the women in the Kuna community. There were lots of tourist shops throughout the town with similar items which I explored later.

Boquete Tuesday market

Next we headed up into the mountains to drive around the highlands of Alto Lino and Volcancito:

Boquete misty mountain

This area is called the breadbasket of Panama because of all the farms. We saw lots of cattle and dairy cows as we drove by. Panama not only produces enough food to feed its own residents, but it also exports to other countries.

Pretty white or pink trumpet vines were often used along fence rows and under windows. This wasn’t for their good looks, it was for security. In addition to being somewhat poisonous, they will irritate your skin even if you just touch them.

Trumpet vine

These gorgeous yellow trees were in bloom while we were at higher elevations. I don’t know their name:

Boquete yellow trees

Occasionally we would pass small cemeteries next to equally small churches:


We had more mountain scenery to see on the next day’s tour.