Sheraton breakfast

We had a lovely breakfast buffet, then said goodbye to the ocean as we headed east in our roomy and comfortable tour bus.

The itinerary plan had been to head into Panama’s peninsula, but water levels were critically low there because we were at the end of the dry season. With water reservoirs questionable and significant rains just starting, it seemed best to skip that area. Instead, we headed to Chitre.

Our bus passed classic rural scenery updated by electric lines and cell towers. The type of fence pictured below was common and is called a “living fence”. Farmers put sticks into the ground and the land is so fertile that the sticks will start growing into living trees.

Cell towers

Chitre had all the comforts of home:

Chitre sign

Chitre was a pleasant town but again too hot for me!

That evening we stayed at a quirky and fun hotel in Santiago called La Hacienda. The food was great, and both the coffee and margaritas were amazing.

La Hacienda foyer

We loved all the bright colors:

La Hacienda pool

Fun picture of our group at dinner:

La Hacienda dinner

Much more to come on the next day of our bus trip.