Japan cemetery walkway color 1000

I always try to visit historic cemeteries when I travel. Cemeteries are fascinating to me because they vividly show an important part of a society’s history and culture. While I was in Tokyo I visited several cemeteries, and they were all beautifully designed and landscaped.

This cemetery is Yanaka Cemetery in Tokyo. The cemetery has over 7,000 graves and has a section devoted to Shogun burials. Parts of the cemetery are very old, with lovely landscaping and lots of cherry trees.

I was so happy to finally make this photo into a much nicer finished picture. The photo was vastly improved by careful cropping and also by some Picasa editing. I used these fixes: straighten, I’m feeling lucky, fill light, auto contrast, tuning, sharpen, graduated tint, Lomo-ish and museum matte.

Japan cemetery walkway original