Japan Tokyo view color 2

Tokyo was the second part of our month-long 1990 trip that included Hawaii, Japan and Hong Kong. We stayed at the New Otani Hotel in downtown Tokyo. This photo shows the view from our hotel room, high in the 11th floor. We had one clear day where we could see all the way to Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that wouldn’t happen again, and didn’t take a picture. During the rest of our two-week stay we could only see whitish smog in the background.

We had so much fun experiencing the cultural differences. One thing we had to get used to was everybody bowing to each other. The hotel had elevator people who pushed the buttons for us and bowed to us as we got on and off the elevator. We had never had people bow to us before and it took some getting used to.

All of the retail and customer service people we encountered were impeccably polite. Those good manners were reflected everywhere in the city. I walked all over Tokyo by myself and if I paused looking bewildered someone always stopped to help. I never felt unsafe.

I used my standard Picasa fixes on this photo: sharpen, saturation, glow, graduated tint, auto contrast, I’m feeling lucky, vignette and border.

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