Chesapeake Bay Bridge color 750

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel was considered to be one of the world’s engineering wonders of the world when it was built in 1964. From shore to shore, it measures 17.6 miles and is the world’s largest bridge-tunnel combination.

The bridge has amazing views of the bay. Its lanes are narrow and a little claustrophobic, being especially scary when the highway dips under the bay in two places. It costs $15 for a car to cross but it’s more fun than the best Disneyworld ride. Definitely make a crossing if you can.

This photo has lots of lines and angles, which made it time-consuming but fun to find the best composition. The Picasa fixes I used were auto contrast, I’m feeling lucky, comic book, lots of cropping adjustments, and a border.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge original 750