Japanese bullet train bw 1 750

This photo shows the bullet train, Japan’s high speed rail line. We took a tour to Mt. Fuji by bus and came back to Tokyo on the bullet train.

The bullet train was fun to ride, very smooth, very fast and immaculately clean. It couldn’t have been more of a contrast to the train in China, which was old, slow and full of roaches (we were afraid to eat anything on the Chinese train and survived on Toblerone chocolate!).

I had a hard time editing this photo because the colors just never seemed to work. The color photo had a lot of pink plus the lighting wasn’t very good. I finally ended up with a gray tone version. I like the simplicity of the gray tones better than the color version, I think that photo gives a better sense of movement. The photo uses these Picasa edits: cropping, sharpen, HDR-ish and comic book.

Japanese bullet train original 750