Chicago Ohare neon light tunnel color 1250

I took this photo at the top of the escalator in the Neon Light Tunnel at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. These dramatic pulsating neon lights are part of a fun art installation by Michael Hayden called “Sky’s the Limit”, located between Terminals B and C. The neon lights change color and seem to follow you as you walk through the tunnel. There is also music, if you can hear it through the crowd noise.

I don’t fly often but I make sure to go through the tunnel as often as time allows when I am in this airport. You can check out videos of “Sky’s the Limit” on YouTube if you don’t have a flight through O’Hare coming up.

This photo fix took some experimentation but I ended up using only six effects: straighten, crop, I’m feeling lucky, tuning, Lomo-ish and border.

Chicago Ohare neon light tunnel original 750