Albuquerque balloon fiesta balloon group color 1 750

The Albuquerque balloon fiesta is an incredible hot air balloon event lasting 9 days in October each year. Over 600 balloons took off the morning we were there. We left our hotel at 5:30 a.m. to get to the fairgrounds by sunrise, and it was so cold! The morning was enchanting and awe-inspiring.

Unfortunately, the pictures from that day are not very good. The camera was getting old and was apparently dirty inside. This picture was especially streaky and had a grayish background because the sun was just starting to rise.

Instead of a black and white or sepia photo fix, I was able to save the picture using color Picasa fixes, especially posterize and a minimal comic book effect.

I usually like a fairly simple and subtle frame, but once in a while I try a bright color. I like the red and pale blue frame for this photo because it pulls those colors out of the picture and brightens it up.

Albuquerque balloon fiesta balloon group original 750