China Dongguan color 1500

This blog is all about making the best photo you can with the snaps you manage to get. Sometimes you don’t have much to work with, but the photo means enough that you try to make something out of very little. I count this as one of those photos.

We had a dreary, rainy day on our one-day bus trip into China and I didn’t take as many pictures as usual. Many of the photos are blurry because they were snapped from a moving tour bus, but I’m lucky they weren’t worse.

This is one of the photos from the tour bus, taken while driving through Dongguan. China was very austere compared to Hong Kong. Most of the housing was cement block apartments and the rivers were chalky white with pollution. We went by many rice paddies and farms. We also visited temples that were much more subdued and mysterious than in Hong Kong. Dongguan has had huge growth since our trip, so I’m sure everything is much changed by now.

This Picasa fix took a lot of steps, some of them multiple times: straighten, crop, auto contrast, auto color, tuning, sharpen, I’m feeling lucky, graduated tint, vignette and museum matte.

China Dongguan oriGINAL 750