China bicycles color 750

During our 1990 visit to Hong Kong we also took a one day trip into China. As usual, it rained most of the day (a common theme on many of my trips). The land is very flat there and perfect for biking. In contrast to Hong Kong, we saw many more bikes than cars. This was rush hour in the early evening as we headed out of town.

We visited a temple, a kindergarten school, a zoo and some other tourist sites. I remember it as an interesting but long day. I only have a small amount of photos from that trip, most of them from the bus, since it seemed to be raining every time we went out of the bus.

This photo fix took a lot of editing work, but I am happy with the result. The Picasa steps include: crop, straighten, auto contrast, auto color, I’m feeling lucky, sharpen, warmify, tuning, graduated tint, auto contrast, HDR-ish and border.

China bicycles original 750