Hong Kong Shrine color 750

This is a small temple built to honor the Goddess of Mercy, located on a hilltop near the village of Stanley in Hong Kong. I have a description in my photo album saying we had a long climb up to it in the heat, but I don’t remember that part. I do remember the weather there was incredibly hot and humid, and I got out of breath quickly. I had never been in a tropical climate before and didn’t deal with it very well.

I tried some Picasa tools to make the details in the picture clearer and the color stronger, but in the end it worked better to minimize the color saturation and heighten the contrast. This placed the focus on the intricate paintwork without distorting the overall look of the photo. I couldn’t hide the discoloration in the top part of the picture, but the emphasis on texture and detail makes it less noticeable.

Hong Kong Shrine original 750