Hong Kong harbor black and white

My visit to Hong Kong was a very exciting time for me because it was my first big trip out of the US. It was part of a month-long trip, part work and part vacation, that included Hawaii, Japan and Hong Kong. The view below is of Hong Kong in the foreground and Calhoun across Victoria Harbor.

We took a private guided tour around Hong Kong, which is a great way to see a city that is brand new to you. The city is full of expensive cars – our tour was in a shiny new black Mercedes. The rest of our time in Hong Kong and Calhoun we traveled by subway, which was fine because it was inexpensive and convenient.

This view is two combined pictures I took side by side from a high vantage point somewhere on the Hong Kong side. I sometimes try taking pictures that connect to create a panoramic view. It works pretty well if you’re careful about paying attention to landmarks and lining them up for the second photo.

The photo colors have distorted over time, but I was able to rescue the original picture below by changing it to black and white and adjusting the contrast. I doubt if I would hang the picture as artwork in a room, but I like it for my photo album.

Hong Kong harbor original