Tryon palace garden window color 2 resized 750

Tryon Palace seems to have an endless amount of beautiful garden features, with an attractive combination of long vistas and perfect little close-up shots. One of my favorite areas is the Kellenberger walled garden with its charming scrollwork opening set into a brick dividing wall.

The original photo below was a nice shot of the ironwork and brick, but it seemed a little lacking in a focal point. It was the perfect opportunity to try Picasa’s focal black and white effect, which keeps the center area colorful while letting the outside of the photo fade to black and white. I combined it with the HDR-ish effect to define texture and accentuate the contrast between brick wall and background greenery. I think it makes a more successful composition. It also creates a perfect picture to help break up what would otherwise be a long expanse of green garden shots in my photo album.

Tryon palace garden window original resized 750