This a place in WV that very few people will ever get to visit. The camping property that my parents own is next to a windmill right-of-way easement and the company asked my father if they could use part of his land as a roadway to the area. He said yes, but only on the condition that we can go back there to look at them any time we want. They said yes. This picture is from that area. So you are getting to see a restricted area that visitors usually are not allowed to enter.

I thought the windmills in the original photo were kind of magical and whimsical looking, so I heightened the color to make the effect more playful. I like the contrast with my more traditional scenery photos from WV.

The Picasa steps I used are:

  • Crop
  • Auto contrast
  • Auto color
  • Saturation
  • Graduated tint
  • Crop
  • Comic book
  • Border (2)