Flowers color 3 color

I decided to set a challenge to see if I could turn the mildly interesting black-eyed susan photo below into something that would make a nice greeting card or wall art. I blended a lot of techniques, but the posterize option was the final step that really turned the photo into successful graphic art.

I wanted to add some sort of quotation with it, so I found an e.e. cummings quote and added it in a flowing script to complete the idea.

Once I added the text, the square frame seemed too shallow. I imported the picture into Paint and lengthened it by extending the bottom, then just copying and pasting the bottom mat several times to fill the space. I did have to fix some of the color on the edges using the pencil. If you’ve never used Paint, it’s a good project to learn its functions.

The Picasa steps I used to get to the final photo are:

  • Boost
  • Crop
  • Auto contrast
  • Auto color
  • Tuning
  • Warmify
  • Glow
  • Graduated tint
  • Orton-ish
  • Museum matte (3 times in varying widths)
  • Posterize

Flowers color 3 original resized 750