Quarry B&W resized 750

I grew up way out in the middle of rural Lancaster County, PA during the 1960s and 1970s. There were no parks nearby, but we lived next to a stone quarry. On Sundays that stone quarry was our park. We would let our dogs off their leashes and all head out for a nice tramp through the woods and down into the quarry hole. There was even a lake at the bottom.

We had an assortment of dogs growing up. My mother would rescue any stray that came around. Most of them were Heinz 57 dogs but this is Fred Bassett, charming and goofy as only a bassett hound can be.

The photo was taken during one of those long-ago Sunday walks. Somehow that bassett hound in the corner is just what is needed to liven up the picture. I tried many adjustments and was able to get a pretty good color result but it just wasn’t that interesting. I like the black and white version above because it brings out the sculptural qualities of the quarry buildings in the center, which contrasts well with the organic shapes around them. I finished with Picasa’s Polaroid frame for a fun retro look.

The original photo is below.

Quarry original resized 600