totem pole color 2 resized 750

It’s nice to get some close-up photos to break up a lot of scenery images. It’s even better when you can get some vertical cropping, bright colors and fantastic carvings in the pictures.

This totem pole was near Ketchikan, Alaska, I don’t remember exactly where. You can see from the original photo below that I was in a hurry and didn’t get a good picture. Once again, it was an overcast day so the sky is just a solid white. I was happy I could enhance the beautiful totem pole design and turn it into an interesting finished composition.

I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of picture I wanted to get, so I tried a little of everything in the Picasa options. It has straighten, sharpen, HDR-ish, glow, graduated tint, and other effects added multiple times. This photo fix took a lot of patience but was definitely worth the effort.

totem pole original resized 750