Alaska misty fjord color

I always struggle with how much contrast and drama to enhance in a photo. It can make the difference between a bland composition and one that really pulls you in. In this case, turning up the contrast added some faint pink tones to the sky that work well with the more intensely green scenery. Overall, I think it’s better to add extra contrast even if it makes a darker picture. This is especially true for a rainy day photo.

I had originally thought this would make an attractive sepia photo, but without the muted contrast between sky, rock and forest, the picture ended up being very flat.

This photo was taken at Misty Fjords National Monument, near Ketchikan, Alaska. We were there on a cool, misty day that eventually turned into a rainy day. It is a very different aspect of the grandeur of the Alaskan scenery than the previous sunny glacier photo. The original is below.

Alaska misty fjord original resized 750