Years ago I hiked up Yellowstone’s four mile trail and back down again in the same day. It’s actually almost 10 miles round trip and ascends 3200 feet. Gorgeous views! What a great but exhausting trip.

My photos came out pretty but a bit hazy and lacking in contrast. Now I understand why Ansel Adams used black and white to create his stunning photos of Yellowstone. The haziness and gray tones turn into dramatic vistas.

I spent quite a bit of time working on this photo. I used tuning, sharpen, film grain and cinemascope with many contrast adjustments to get the best end product. I think both the sepia and black and white versions make outstanding photos. They are below, along with my original.

Yosemite half dome resized 750 bw

Yosemite half dome resized 750 sepia

Yosemite half dome resized 750 original