Wedding photos can be tough because you have to take them indoors where it’s dark and you’re usually in a hurry to get the picture before everybody moves away. I think the secret is to stay relaxed and take as many photos as you can so that you’ll get at least a few that are really lovely.

Below is the edited color version:

Wedding color 1 resized 750

Surprisingly, I didn’t have to crop this picture much at all. I experimented with cropping but anything that was cropped tightly lost the rhythm of the curves in the wedding cake and tablecloth. It wasn’t as interesting without the bride’s dress decoration on the far right either. The photo really just needed some auto color, lightening of fill light, and a delicate drop shadow frame. It makes a nice close-up of a beautiful wedding cake with the bride and groom showing off their rings. The repeating pink color and curves tie all the elements together.

I always like to play with a sepia version too, below. That version required a lot of work with color tuning, auto-contrast and a final I’m feeling lucky:

Wedding sepia resized 750

It makes a lovely old-fashioned picture.

The black and white version needed more color adjusting but looks good too. To me it looks like a photo from the 1950s.

Wedding bw resized 750

I used a very simple drop shadow frame on all versions because any other frame distracted from the curves of the picture elements.

I like all versions, so I will add each one to my color, sepia and B&W photo shows.

Below is the original electronic photo:

Wedding original resized 750