Hong Kong Skyline sepia

Picasa is a free photo editing program that will also help you organize and share your images. Go to www.picasa.com to read about it and to download it.

Picasa is easy to learn and fun to use — and did I mention it’s FREE.

Once it’s on your computer, it organizes all your images into files that make them easy to view and edit. Just double click on an item to move it into the editing screen, edit, save the photo as a new image, and click “back to library” to go back to the updated list of images.

Your edits stay in Picasa unless you decide to undo them step by step. Note that the original photos are not actually changed – the edits only show up in Picasa and on your new saved images.

I always knew there were some gorgeous photos hidden in my travel snapshots and now I can uncover them. It just takes a little bit of practice.