The original picture at the bottom was shot during a fantastic trip to Tokyo in April 1990. I walked all over Tokyo to see the sights but of course, being taken during rainy springtime, many of my photos ended up with overcast skies and dark backgrounds.

I tried enhancing the photo with Picasa to come up with an attractive color version, but I just couldn’t make it work. The contrasts between dark and light were just too extreme, and I think the photo had faded over the years too.

I hoped that the sculptural effect of sepia would really make the picture come alive, so I tried that next. It turned out this worked pretty well – I really love the serenity and sense of depth that are created.

Japanese gate sepia resized 750

Lastly, I tried converting it to black and white, which gave it a very moody effect.

Japanese gate bw resized 750

I wasn’t happy with the color version, but both the sepia and B&W versions resulted in successful photo saves.

Japanese gate original resized 750